Puzzle Video Games

A puzzle video game is a form of video game that emphasizes on solving a puzzle. The various types of puzzles which are needed to be solved are meant to test a person's various types of problem solving skills such as strategy, logic, sequence solving, pattern recognition and word completion.

Definition and Gameplay of Puzzle Video Games

Puzzle Video Games

Puzzle games mostly focus on conceptual and logical challenges, although on many occasions the games also add a time-pressure as well as other action elements. Even though several action and adventure games feature puzzles like obtaining unattainable objects, a real puzzle game always focuses on solving puzzle as the main activity of the gameplay. Puzzle games generally involve shapes, symbols or colors, and the player has to directly or indirectly maneuver them into a definite pattern.

Instead of presenting an arbitrary collection of puzzles for solving, puzzle games generally offer a continuum of related puzzles which represent a variation on some certain theme. This particular theme may involve logic, pattern recognition or even understanding some definite process. They generally have simple rules and regulations under which the players have to manipulate the game pieces on the network, grid or any other space of interaction. The players have to uncover clues for achieving some kind of victory state, which then allows them to progress to a rather difficult and progressing level. However in some cases, certain puzzle games offer rather easier levels interspersed between difficult ones.

Different Categories of Puzzle Games

There is a huge variety of games that involve solving puzzles as their mainstay. Some of the puzzles present an arbitrary assortment of pieces or blocks which the players have to orginaze in an appropriate manner, like Tetris, Lumines and Klax. Other forms of puzzles come with a board and pieces and test the players by asking them to achieve a goal. The games Bomberman and The Incredible Machine are examples of this form of puzzle games. Another form of puzzles asks the players to create systems out of the given parts. The various examples of this type of puzzles include Crazy Machines, Crazy Machines 2 and Microsoft Tinker.

It is often very easy to create, develop and adapt puzzle games as they are most released as dedicated arcade games, personal digital assistants, mobile phones or for home video games consoles.

Action puzzles: Action puzzle games or arcade puzzle games requires the players to manipulate the game pieces within a real time environment, most frequently in a single screen with a definite time limit for solving the puzzle or clearing the level.

Hidden object game: The hidden object game or a hidden picture game requires a player to find the items from the list that is hidden within a given picture.

Reveal the picture puzzle: Reveal the picture puzzle is a form of puzzle game which reveals a picture gradually piece by piece or frame by frame.

Physics game: Physics games are puzzle video games which requires the players to use the physics of the game to complete the puzzles.

Traditional puzzles: Traditional puzzles like mahjong solitaire, solitaire, number puzzles and word puzzles have in recent times been adapted into digital media and are very popular among fans of puzzle games.

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